Residential Services

Each prospective customer desiring a new service, temporary service, or service upgrade, is required to fill out and sign an Electrical Service application and remit with an application fee. This completed application provides YP with pertinent information needed to start the process for the customer’s request for service. A meter deposit may be required.

Each prospective customer is required to sign an Electrical Service Contract with Yakama Power that specifies terms of service. This contract establishes a billing account with YP and becomes active when YP’s side of the service is completed. Where the term “new service” is referred to in the Class of Service, it is the original established date of a billing account.

No purchaser of electric energy will connect their service with that of any other person, or in any way resell, rebill or supply any other person or premises with electric energy through their service.

All electrical service is subject to compliance with the most current National Electric Codes, National Electrical Safety Codes, State Building Codes, electric permits process, and the terms of the applicable rate schedule and policies. The prospective customer will obtain rights-of-way or easements applicable to a service request. A work order for new services and/or upgrades is issued when an application is received. If the customer takes no action on the work order for six (6) months, the work order will be cancelled and all fees paid by the customer will be forfeited.

It is the customer’s responsibility to give notice prior to a change of occupancy or change of legal responsibility for the account within ten (10) calendar days. The customer of record will be held responsible for all services supplied until such notice has been received by YP. The new occupant must sign an Electrical Service Contract. This becomes the binding contract between the customer and YP.